• Version: 1.2.0



Writing concise documentation is difficult and while we always try to maintain them to the highest standard, we are only human and do miss things. If you notice any issues, or have something that would be useful for the community to know, you can suggest it or (even better!) submit a pull-request on our documentations github repo.


All of our SDKs are open-source and can found on github, occasionally there may be small issues with them and we always appreciate being told about them. Pull-requests are nice, but just knowing about the issue is great.


At moltin we have open-sourced a lot of our PHP packages developed during the building of our API, including cart, tax, currency and more. These can also be found on Packagist.

Unless it makes a lot of sense, we do not take feature requests for these packages. We built them for our own usage and the vast majority of requests are things we have or are totally outside the scope of a specific package (adding discounts to cart, etc).

If you are using one of our packages and you do find an issue however, we’d love to hear from you and a pull-request is always appreciated.


Whenever you have problems with our API we like to know about it, we do a lot of automated tracking of errors within our logs, but sometimes we miss things and we can’t account for unexpected behaviour.

We want to be as open as possible with our community and we maintain a public api issues repo on github to report any issues. When using this service, we do have some rules around posting to help us identify and fix things quickly:

Please Do:

  • Search the issue tracker to ensure that your issue is not a duplicate
  • Verify the validity and/or plausibility of your issue
  • Be clear and concise in your description
  • Take advantage of GitHub Flavored Markdown

Please Do not:

  • Bump issues to receive a response (all issues should be acknowledged)
  • Argue unproductively in an issue’s comments
  • Re-create an issue you feel unjustly closed
  • Create disrespectful or inflammatory comments

Feature Requests

We hold a lot of discussions with users and love to hear your feedback and suggestions around what we’re doing. If you have any suggestions or would like to request a feature at the moment the best way to do this is to email us.

We internally collate all of the information to form a picture of our most requested features, in the future this will be opened up to the public.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you find a potential exploit or vulnerability, please exercise reasonable disclosure:

  • Privately contact Moltin about the issue.
  • Privately notify us on HackerOne about the issue.
  • Do not publicly disclose the issue immediately (give Moltin adequate time to respond to and address your inquiry before you disclose the vulnerability publicly).